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Experience the Healing Energy of Reiki

The natural state of the mind-body connection is one of harmony and unity. When that balance is disrupted, illness can ensue. The mind, body, and spirit all operate independently and are unique for each individual. This is an essential component to the principles of Reiki — a practice that Ashira Tantra is proud to offer its clients.

Reiki is not necessarily a religion but more of a spiritual practice. The technique originated in Japan, and takes a holistic approach to stress reduction, relaxation and spiritual healing. Defined, Rei means higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness, and Ki means life energy. Reiki, as a whole, is spiritually guided life energy. People are susceptible to illness when there is a restriction in the flow of energy and Reiki seeks to restore it.

The goal of Reiki is to quiet the mind, and it is often used in conjunction with music, aromatherapy, deep breathing, movement therapy, and other complementary relaxation techniques — all powerful coping strategies to help in the following ways:

  • — reduce anxiety

  • — decrease pain

  • — promote sleep

  • — reduce addictive substance cravings

  • — promote relaxation

  • — assist in the body's natural healing processes

  • — develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

At Ashira Tantra, let me be your guide on your own transformative journey – one that can reshape your life in so many ways. Come in and experience the benefits of Reiki and how it can effectively channel healing energies to make positive changes in your life. To find out more or make an appointment, give me a call today.

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