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4 Benefits of Tantra Massage Therapy

Tantra is, first and foremost, a spiritual approach to massage, utilizing an energetically based, hands-on approach to bodywork. Done properly, this sophisticated form of massage can bring about miraculous healing effects and is very therapeutic in nature.

However, the beneficial effects can extend far beyond these. At Ashira Tantra, we invite you to come in and open your mind to the healing powers of this very special massage technique – one that can awaken your senses, restore your body and soul, and transform life in unexpected ways, such as:

1. Health and healing: By employing specific Tantric methods, we’ll teach you how to use your sexual energy as a healing energy. It stimulates the process of cleansing and purification by employing a powerful source of restorative energy and activating specific points of healing and release.

2. Blockages eliminated: Blockages can stem from various sources and negatively affect your overall quality of life. We can sense these blockages and apply precise methods for alleviating them, leaving you with a sense of relief, contentment, and freedom.

3. Sexual dysfunctions remedied: Tantra massage works to purify the body, release blockages, awaken sexual energy, and disperse this vital energy throughout the body. As a result, sexual dysfunctions can commonly be cured, and sex lives can be reinvigorated.

4. Discovering yourself: This wondrous and inspiring practice clears away many mental and emotional impurities that are the cornerstone of confusion and ignorance. Tantra brings wisdom and clarity, helping you gain a broader perspective of who you really are and who you wish to become.

At Ashira Tantra, let us be your guide on your own transformative journey – one that can reshape your life physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. To find out more or make an appointment, give us a call today.

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