It is my great honor to introduce you to Tantric practices and help you to connect with the sacredness of your being. These practices remind us that being human is an orgasmic, loving, and happy experience to be enjoyed and shared with the world.


  • Learn stress management techniques

  • Breathing & meditation techniques for rejuvenation and relaxation

  • Learn how to create intimacy through emotional and spiritual connection

  • Pain, headache and stress relief

  • Increased blood circulation and detoxification of body

  • Learn how to have multiple energy orgasms

  • Learning about harnessing and circulating energy within your body



Will there be nudity?

As a practitioner I wear flowing loose clothes.  Nudity is optional for my clients. You can choose to wear loose comfortable clothes or undress if you prefer. The tantric practices you will learn can be done in any state of un/dress.This creates a safe environment, allowing you to begin exploring Tantra within you comfort zone.

Will there be genital contact?

The focus of  Ashira Tantra is on the exploration of breath, energy and communication without sexual contact. Yoni and lingam massage are the sacred practices that I advise to practice with your partner or spouse. However, many of the exercises that we learn during the session could be used to set an intimate space and bring more sacredness into your love life.

Do I need to bring anything? 

You can bring your favorite blanket. I will cover your body at the end of the session, while I work on your head and neck. I found that many of my clients enjoy the memory of the session.  The smell of oil and all of the healing energy absorbed in the blanket will transport you back into the deep state of relaxation and bliss. 

She provides an experience that is quite difficult to put into words. It’s a combination of sensations that you truly must encounter to understand. That being said, it is something that you must try for a better understand of not only yourself but others. The connection you feel during the session is really a mystical occurrence. Very calming. Very awesome. Can’t wait to see her again.

—Gabe Gates  

What a powerful session! I felt so connected to the divine goddess energy - and I left feeling beautiful, calm and radiant. Something mystical and life changing happened, a healing of my spiritual & sensual being

A component of this work involves breathing deeply into one's Chakras. Being an old Hippie type, I've done wonderfully enlivening & healing breath work from various traditions. For me this is the first work that embraces breath work, the Chakras, and the power of the male female (Goddess) polarity. Relax, breathe fully and be guided to a flow of blissful energy you may not know. Goddess Ashira has a sparkling exotic look and lilting laughter. This was a powerful and delightful experience.

—Susan Norton 

—Gordon Ellis 

Ashira has a gentle healing touch. Working with her has been a blessing and I always feel great after a session with her!

—Laurence Clackberg