Find the calm place within yourself and hold on to this feeling. 

Into the trust and support that is always available

Of overwhelm and fear in face of global panic. 

How many of us feel powerless when Coronavirus destroying our communities, our economy and healthcare? It is really difficult to remain calm and collected when worrying about loosing ones we love, loosing income, loosing our independence and mobility.Everyday we hear about new cases of contamination, new deaths and new ways in which this pandemic could affect our families and our lives. But above all, it is a fear of unknown that is creeping into our consciousness. This fear of unknown that makes us feel powerless and helpless is way more debilitating than anything we could be facing. In our sessions, I will help you to relax, let go, and feel more calm, centered and prepared to deal with an emergency situation. Emergency situations require extra self-care. Give yourself the gift of relaxation. 


Scott D. Lewis 

"The mind is powerful and you have more control than you think. "



Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness. Hypnotherapy utilizes a state of trance to create transformation on a deep subconscious level which results in a shift in behavior. During hypnotherapy sessions the conscious mind, our critical and analytical mind, takes a backstage allowing our subconscious mind to receive beneficial suggestions. 


We are living in the time of global panic that triggers our deepest fears about security and safety. A lot of these fears run deeply into our personal history, our upbringing and socio-economic conditioning. This conditioning is like a program that we may or may not be fully aware of but it runs our decisions and actions. . 

Hypnotherapy allows you to rewrite the program if one is willing to change. It is a fast way to create remarkable transformation in your life because it aligns your conscious desire with your subconscious mind. You may not be able to stop the pandemic but you can choose the way you respond to it.  


Same as you, my family and I are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. I see how my friends and community are shaken in fear. I want to contribute to alleviating this fear in the way I most capable-by providing a safe space for you to tap into your inner resources. Same as the virus and panic spreads our inner peace could spread uplifting everyone around us. What energy you want to put out in the world right now? 

I put together a special offer for for this challenging times. Usually, I charge $170-250/session but I want to make mindfulness accessible  during the coronavirus outbreak, so for a limited time I offer 20min online sessions for $30. In as little as 20 minutes you can go from panic attack to calm and present.  Let me help you to stay calm and centered.