About Tantra 

Raise Consciousness on Earth


Tantra is the path of discovering your authentic self through ecstatic experiences. The core of your being is free, limitless and blissful. Ashira Tantric sessions help you to experience states of expansion, unity and wholeness leading to remembering your innate power, beauty, grace, and compassion. Ashira helps people connect intimately with their Divine Self, and from that place of unconditional love, connect with others and the planet to raise the vibration of consciousness on earth. 


Uncover Your Purpose, Joy & Love


Tantric teachings originated in India aimed for quick achievement of an incredible quality of life, prosperity and personal magnetism along with spiritual mastery. Most of tantric lineages are non-dual, meaning that that this tradition does not separate our spiritual and physical states.  This makes Tantra a great practice for those who want to empower every aspect of their lives. Unlike most of the traditions that preach asceticism, poverty, celibacy, and non-attachment, in Tantra we learn how to live a rich worldly and spiritual life, celebrate our bodies, work with our desires, connect deeply with others and be joyfully alive and prosperous. This is a process of learning and uncovering your purpose, joy and deep love that dwells within. 


During every session, I anchor and ground the healing energy within your body, so you can integrate it better into your life. There is a great emphasis on integrating your spiritual insights into everyday life, so your whole entire existence starts to reflect your blissful nature. 


Quiet Your Mind & Experience Gratitude


Tantra is an ancient technology to awaken our power and bring the fruits of your awakening to the greater service of humanity. I use a combination of massage, hypnotherapy and principles of  kundalini yoga to assist my clients with creating a lasting transformation in their lives. While massage is not a part of Classical Tantra, it is an incredible tool that allows us to relax and quiet our minds enough to explore more subtle states of consciousness. The first few sessions are heavy on bodywork and massage to prepare the physical body for the flow of energy. As the sessions progress and my clients become more aware of their subtle energy body their experiences become more esoteric and exquisite. Many describe it as a being submerged in the ocean of bliss with its waves moving through the body as they experience

profound state of gratitude, grace and oneness.  


Our bodies can be experienced as a portal into this timeless moment.  When we are deeply dissolved into present moment awareness, the mind stops, time stops, and we enter eternity.


In those moments we are getting a taste of our true self and life that we are capable of creating for ourselves and others.  


Convert Limiting Beliefs into Thoughts of Empowerment 


At the end of the tantric sessions I offer one or few kriyas that are individual to the needs of my clients and would further benefit their growth. Kriya is a part of kundalini yoga and means action through sets of breathing, chanting, visualization and postures. Kundalini yoga like, most of yogas, originated from tantric teachings and preserved the most of its integrity compared to other styles of yoga. It addresses mind-body-spirit through utilizing all of your senses. Breathing exercises paired with chanting is easier way to calm the mind than silent meditation. The physical exercises become the representation of the change you evoke in your life. This allows the person to move beyond their conscious mind into their subconscious where the true transformation happens. Most of our deep seated beliefs are within our subconscious mind and are not accessible to us by reasoning, conscious mind or talk therapy. Kundalini yoga is similar to hypnotherapy.  It guides you into a hypnotic state of trance and gives you the power to access subconscious limiting beliefs and convert them into empowering beliefs. 


Our ultimate purpose is to simply be. We want to be ourselves in the full magnificence of our truth and beauty. This is an incredible journey of unfoldment and as every journey it requires  us to take that first step and make a commitment to ourselves to be all that we can possibly be by uncovering who we truly are. 


I hope that I can assist you join our paths in a mutual journey to, uncover your purpose, joy and gratitude while we raise consciousness on earth together.