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I’ve been fortunate to have experienced regular sessions for some time now with Goddess Ashira, and they have truly been a transcendent, transformational experience. She has guided me to new depths of inner peace and tranquility, while simultaneously expanding my self-awareness, openness, and overall sense of being. I am grateful for her kindness and compassion, and I deeply respect the thought she puts into tailoring each session to the needs of the moment. I look forward to our continued work and strongly recommend her to anyone regardless of where you are on your own personal journey.

Welcome to the temple of Ashira Tantra. Here you may rest from the worries of life and fully open yourself to the divine feminine embrace. Through connecting with the Shakti energy, I will lead you to the divine flame within and help you to reconnect to your innate wholeness and remind you of your true essence that is beyond time and space. When the veil fades away, nothing else exists, just my voice enveloping your being and your heartbeat.

My name is Ashira. I am a healer, artist, dancer and a lover of life, its beloved, and one with love. I was born in Ukraine, surrounded by jasmine vines and old oak trees. When I was 17, I moved to the Pacific NW, and then my Sufi practice brought me east to Ithaca.


I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. After I graduated, I submerged myself into the world of art, healing, ecstatic dance, and community building. I worked at the Sufi center while studying the esoteric teachings of Sufi mystics, energy work, the mysticism of the sound and moving meditations. During the slow contemplative movements of zikr, I surrender myself into the light and moving closer to embodying love of the goddess. I build temples, mazes and multisensory light installations across of the country. In my latest installation is “The journey to the center of the heart” in Colorado, I create a safe container and guide people to enter the sacred space where they can experience the communion with their highest self. I received Tantra Practitioner and Tantra Teacher training from Intuitive Tantra Institute and currently I am deepening my practice by learning Red tara, dakini practices, and kundalini yoga.


I offer healing nourishment with clear boundaries so that our container of emotional intimacy is pure and easy. These boundaries are there for both of us to truly surrender to the journey together and create spiritual intimacy. During our intuitive Tantra healing session will take you on a journey to the deepest, most pleasurable parts of your being, where your body melts into the sound of my voice and the whole universe fades away to reveal glimpses of the paradise. Come, rest and feel nurtured, nourished, and rejuvenated in the arms of the goddess. Let go into the flow of divine grace, beauty and abundance. Let me help you to clear your mind, unplug from worries of the day and experience the sweetness of life as I am walking you into the blooming garden of your heart.  

—Robert Snyder 



sensitive, empowering stimulation of chakra energies. I left feeling rejuvinated, grounded and more aware of my physical being and psychological self.

—Craig MacDonald

Each session starts and ends with 10-15 mins of consulting to learn more about your background, needs and desires as a couple as well as set an intention for the session....
Online tantra Session for Couples
1 hr 45 min
Both online and in-person sessions utilize a similar way of working energetically with the body, creating the similar benefits in the convenience and privacy of your home...
Online Hypnotherapy Session
1 hr
Each session starts and ends with 10-15 mins of consulting to learn more about your background, needs and desires as well as set an intention for the session. This is fol...
Online Individual Tantra Session
1 hr 30 min
This session allows you to drop even deeper into the melsting sounds of Ashira's voice.
Online Extended Tantra Session
2 hr


615 N Cayuga St,

Ithaca, NY

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